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Weapons of Splash Destruction


It's war! April 13th 2013 and across Thailand, fighting is breaking out! Naturally war reporter, Appon will be there on hand to report the carnage and join in on the fighting.

Nobody quite explained to me who we're fighting this time, it doesn't seem to be Burmese invaders, the enemy seems to be a roaming militia on pick-up trucks. No matter! I bring my weapon of choice, a waterproof camera and some dry ammo. I'll see off this militia if its the last dry thing I do!


As ever with war, the civilians are the first to suffer, indiscriminate soakings. Sometimes not just water, ice added to make weapons grade water! And the children, why do they always drag children into this?


Child soldiers, taken from their parents, forced to use weapons before they understand the morality of war! That's the true human tragedy here.
Never-mind the casualties, the walking wounded, dripping, cold, wet, walking zombies. But these zombies don't seek brains, they seek medication, triage, care, noodles, maybe some fried chicken, a little chillie sauce perhaps.


But there are some real horrors here too, breaches of the Geneva convention. The picture below, it's clear irrefutable evidence of chemical weapons. Some sort of glowing green 'happy' goop, that puts an insane grin on the victims face.


Firemen bring in fresh ammo, this is a long war. Many battle weary veterans like myself have seen this before. This war will, end, the truck posse will be defeated. It's only a matter of time, usually 2-3 days, depending on if Songkran falls on a weekend.


Tomorrow, further fighting over on the Patong side of the island, We have to fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here.

War is hell.

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