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Thai Cut-less-lery


The above is a picture of a Thai cutlery shop, what's wrong with this photo?

There's no knives! In Thailand we eat with forks and spoons, since we eat mostly rice dishes. Noodles we sometimes eaten with chopsticks, but the western style knives and forks we don't use. Knives are usually steak knives handed out with western dishes.

It may seem odd, but if you think about the dishes in traditional Thai cooking, there is rarely a large amount of meat that needs to be cut up, and vegetables tend to be cut into bite size pieces for quick cooking in stir fry dishes. Meat is a flavour not a centerpiece of a meal.

In supermarkets the packs of cutlery are usually only spoons and forks. You have to go look hard in the kitchen shops to find a matching set that includes a knife.

Yet in the west, where you eat with a knife and fork, you always get the spoon too.

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