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Tatami chair


I wanted a chair to sit on. A chair I could put next to the door, and enjoy the warm breeze. Something small, light and comfortable. Something I could put away when not in use.

But where to find such a chair?! Well Japan of course!


Tokyo has tiny appartments, and there's no space for beds and chairs, so they use mats and compact furniture. So I did a bit of searching and was amazed to find traditional tatami mats, complete with headrests, here in Bangkok at Paradise mall.

The mats are nice, but the price is not so nice. Three thousand baht for a tatami mat? No, not for me. That's over priced. Upstairs in the mall, in Homepro of all places, I found a furniture section filled with hi-tech Tatami chairs.


They have a full range or sofa beds, small chairs and this one I settled on. 7000 baht is not cheap, but I don't feel cheated.

The chair has 3 joints. A headrest, a foot lift, and a back joint. Each joint clicks into 6 angles, to get it back to the start you fold it all the way forward, the joint goes loose, you fold it all the way back until it clicks and then you can adjust it again. It really does take your weight too.
It comes with a small pillow, you can use it behind your back or under your knees if you watching a tablet or video on your phone.

You can even lay it completely flat to form a bed, or to stow it behind a sofa or in a cupboard. I look at my sofa bed and my sofa and think I would have so much more space if I replaced all my sleeping and sitting furniture with these tatami chairs!

This mall continues to impress me. I looked around the basement floor of the mall and found a traditional Thai mat, these are soft padded mats, filled with cotton, you can lay on the floor and sleep on. Add a few pillows and sleep in the warm sun on a lazy afternoon. 690 baht? Excellent!

So now I have two solutions. During the day I can sit on my chair, and when I want to nap, I can lay out my Thai mat and sleep in the breeze.

Happy days.

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