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Songkran in Bangsaen Chonburi, Seafood and Sunset


I'm here for the day, so naturally that means two meals, maybe even three, four perhaps. I don't want to risk going hungry with so much seafood to choose from! Beside's its a long walk the length of the beach and I feel faint! I need a barbecued squid infusion stat!
I decide to eat next to the beach, 700 baht for shrimp, squid, barbecued fish and beer. That's pricey for a Thai seaside resort, more than $20.


The road is still packed with trucks, lucky for them there's foam parties and live music and stages along the length of the road. A change of scenery every hundred meters / 1 hour. Where there isn't much entertainment, cars loaded with custom bass speakers get their time to show off.


I wonder if they know the meaning of the English language songs they're playing? It's not exactly party music!
It's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen. In your head, in your head they're still fighting, With their tanks and their bombs, And their bombs and their guns. In your head, in your head, they are dying... (Cranberries Zombie) Or "Suicidal" by Sean Kingston?


As the twilight falls, the red sky mimics the sand sculptures on the beach below. I think it's casting a vote for real sand pagodas, rather than fake sand sculptures. Those definitely look like the sand, hand made sculptures without a hint of fake ready-made polystyrene.

When it gets dark, there's live music on two stages near the southern end of the beach, and numerous smaller bands along the full length.


Water everywhere, talcum powder covered faces everywhere, the night is just beginning, but I have to get home to work tomorrow. You know I've seen only 2 western faces the whole day. This is definitely a place for Thai's to party.


The sign on the side of the police truck translates like place for cool people. It's their holding pen for anyone that gets out of hand with their celebrations.
A motorbike man tells me its too late for buses to Bangkok, but it's only 8:30pm and he must be clueless because there are a lot of buses on that main road heading towards Bangkok. I find a Baht-Bus back to the main Pattaya-Bangkok road and within a few minutes I'm on a bus going home.

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