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Song Birds by Day, Song Birds by Night


This square in Udomsuk road, is famous for its nightlife, with Karaoke bars, live bands, food, and beer into late night. But there's song birds not just at night, but also during the day.

In the South of Thailand, they have the traditional bird song competitions and since Bangkok is melting pot of people from all across Thailand, so these competitions are here too.

Udomsuk road, either side of street 58, Bangkok is the location, and at the back corner of this large car park you'll see the wire rails used to hang the cages for competitions.


I'm visiting on Sunday 20th April and they're holding a much larger competition, a second set of rails has been installed, and tents, competition time! This is the hottest day of the year in Bangkok and it's amazing the birds can stand the sun, while their owners shield themselves with blankets and hats from the blistering rays.

The owners have to stand behind a wire away from the birds. They can encourage their bird, but only from a distance. The whistle blows, the judges listen to the singing, the whistle blows the judges for each section score the birds in their section.


But I can see from the trophy stand that they will be handing out lots and lots of trophies, so practically everyone will take something away as a reminder of today.

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