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Lucky 235612, How the Thai Lottery Works


In this post Flooded Don Muang by Chihiro Train, I was in the flood area and bought a lottery ticket from a ticket seller right in the middle of the floods (a bit of water wasn't going to stop him selling his tickets, or stop my buying it).

Thais believe that where there is bad luck, there must also be good luck to balance it out. Since there was a flood, it follows that the lottery ticket I bought, number 235612 for tomorrow (1st Nov) is sure to be the winning ticket. No doubt about it, an absolute certainty, and I'll video the draw tomorrow so you can see my celebrations at this foregone result!

How the Thai Lottery Works

The Thai lottery is drawn twice a month, on the 1st and 16th. Each ticket comes as a pair with the same number. More often these days the two tickets are sold together, but if they're split, then each holder gets half the prize. The price of the ticket is officially 40 baht (80 the pair), but the actual price varies from the seller. Early on they charge more, 100 baht or more, dropping the price as the lottery comes closer, until they're offered at a discount, 3 for a hundred baht, or similar deals to clear the last tickets.

If you want a particular lucky number, then you need to balance buying it early on, or hope it is still available later and take the risk.


The ticket has 6 digits, so 1 million numbers are available, and two million tickets can be sold. If the lottery becomes more popular, perhaps they'll make 3 tickets per number, or even 4, so they can print 3 million or 4 million tickets. Once it gets to ten million, they'll make it 7 digits lottery instead.

The draw is on live TV on Channel 9 at 3:45pm on the day of the draw, but it's common to buy the results in a 'poy' the next day, a lottery sheet sold everywhere with the results printed on it, costing about 3 Baht.These days you can also check the website.

Of course the most important thing about a lottery is the prizes!

First Prize: 1 winning number, 2 million Baht, that's sure to be mine.
Second prize: 5 runner up prize numbers of 100,000 Baht each.
Third prize: 10 prizes of 40,000 Baht each.
Fourth: 50 prizes of 20,000 Baht
Fifth: 100 prizes of 10,000 Baht
Nearby numbers (1 more or 1 less than the magic number): 50,000 Baht
Bottom prizes: Match the last 3 digits and you win 2000 Baht, there's 4000 of these winners, match the last two digits and win 1000 Baht, there's 10,000 of these winning numbers.

To collect your winnings, take the ticket to the Lottery office within 2 years.


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