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Labour Day Party (On NOW)


The 1st of May is Labour day in Thailand, and to celebrate there is a party going on at Saphan Hin in Phuket. It lasts until the 9th April 2015, so if you want to do something, this is a good excuse to get out. It's 3rd May when I post this, so there's still plenty of party to go!

If you miss it? Well it moves to Rawai beach, at the South tip of Phuket, after the 9th, so it doesn't move far! It tours from place to place in Thailand, so if you have an empty field next to you, stand still in the middle, and wait, and wait and wait. If you wait long enough, either this party will arrive at your field, or a condominium will be built on your head.

Things change fast in Thailand, and you have to keep up and keep moving or you'll be wearing a 1 bedroom studio hat with free hair conditioning!

(Video after the break)

I had a fun session of Traditional Thai Toe Torture, you can see it in the video. Also traditional Thai Heart Torture, you can sing along to that too, and a little Thai Food Torture, why would you make sushi with century eggs? Because you dare!

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