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Heroines Celebrations 13-16th March


In the center of Phuket island, there's a monument, and on that monument is a statue of 2 women. The Phuket heroines, Than Phuying Chan and her sister, Khun Muk. They're credited with driving off a Burmese invasion of Phuket in 1785. They raised an army of villagers, got the women to dress as male soldiers to pad the ranks and make the Burmese think they were facing a much larger army and the Burmese fled.

Each year beginning March 13th, they celebrate the heroines with a festival in Talang town. You can catch it today and tomorrow too. The Heroines Monument gets its own celebrations, this coming weekend.

There's plenty to see and do, and a laser fireworks show illustrating the battle, which I've recorded a video for.

The festival is free and the locations for it are shown below. There's lot of food, music, dancing, more dancing, and lasers. The show starts at 8pm, but with lots of introduction you can visit at 8:30pm and still catch the main part, so plenty of time to see the shadow puppets and traditional crafts.

Next time you pass the Heroines monument in the center of Phuket, don't forget to salute the Heroines.

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