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Coiled String Bowls and Pots


These handmade baskets are made in Chiang Mai Province, North Thailand, from coiled up string, a single long thread of string is glued in a spiral to form a pot, bowl or a pots with lids.

The one in the photo above is a paper dispenser, the same purpose as the dog bottom paper dispensers I showed earlier.


I found them in Khlong Latmayom floating market, a woman vendor had a stall selling nothing but these pots. She has them in all sizes, from the tiniest little containers with lids, suitable for jewelry, to large baskets. The small ones above are 20 baht, she had large baskets for 300 baht.


Obviously they are only for dry goods, I bought two simple bowls for 35 baht each, to throw my keys, coins and watches into when I come back home so they don't get lost, and one for my teddy to sit in, he looks happy.

Find this stall in the south part of Khlong Latmayom floating market, at the map below, where the green arrow is, the market is only open at weekends.

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