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Chinese Paper Funeral Possessions


Wander around Chinatown in the center of Bangkok and you see a lot of shops seeling strange paper goods. Paper shirts, with Laco5ta 'brand' names similar to famous ones. Bank cards from CityBank, iPhonie and Nokiea movile phones, all made of paper.


They're not toys, they're gifts that are cremated with a recently deceased person to give them possessions for when they are in the afterlife.

There's animals too, or rather baked nut covered pastry in the shapes of animals. See this sesame encrusted pigs head biscuit. Again it will go with the deceased to the afterlife. In the video check out the paper cars, incense, gold bars and all manner of paper goods to buy as part of the send off.


In Thailand we build a little house, and put miniature irons and toy pots & pans and in it. Small mats, steamers, brooms, all kinds of things. A ghost house. It's a similar tradition but different, we don't burn it with the body, it is for the spirit to live in after the body has gone.


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