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Valenese Festival Phuket


Phuket has a large Chinese descendant population, and it's Chinese new year... well at least it was last week, but this year its being celebrated on the trailing weekend to merge with Valentines day. I'm going to name this the "Valenese Festival"! We have a long tradition of Valanese Festivals going ball the way back to 2016!

We're having a girls night out to see Gam, winner of a TV show called "The Star" from 2009. She's very very good. She sings the Frozen theme to show just how good she is. Faultless, intense, and in one take/live. She's followed by a talented girl singer who could be the winner for 2029!


The Chinese Festival continues tonight, 15th Feb 2016, for its final day.

Happy Valenese Day!

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