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Chinese New Year


It's Chinese New Year, and today (Saturday) is the time to stock up on cakes and snacks and feast food. Although I'm not Chinese, celebrating the festivals enriches my life, so I'm going to be having a feast tonight too.

Today is shopping day, for my feast I've bought a duck, some candy, the traditional cakes and snacks. I'm going to be making Peking Duck. Those banana leaf parcels conceal bean and salty egg savoury snacks.


Outside the shops all sell stuff ready for Chinese New Year, paper decorations, these will end up on Chinese bonfires probably tomorrow evening.


Wall to wall chicken and duck, why roast a duck when you can buy one ready prepared in the street outside! Ready roasted, succulent, but pricey, the duck cost me 350 Baht ($13) when it would normally be 200 ($7). Oh well, once a year!


And Thai snacks too, the Chinese living in Thailand like Thai food, and these are popular. Tomorrow there will be dragons in the streets and festivals and fireworks. Monday is traveling day, when Chinese people will head off to see their families.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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