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Cheap Teak Furniture


Solid hardwood chairs, the traditional Thai kind, used because termites don't eat them... they're quite pricey to buy. You have to look around at shows to get them cheap.

I've just been to Khaolak, and on the drive back, stopped for lunch at Thai Muang beach. In the beach car park, 4 pickup trucks, stacked with teak furniture. I thought they were delivering, or heading to a show, so I chatted with them.


It turns out they are part of a family from Nakhon Phanom, a provide at the very North West of Thailand, bordering Laos. They make furniture, drive down to the south, sleeping in the trucks, park on a beach and sell the furniture direct to customers cheap.

They have a catalogue and can take orders, but if they don't have it, you wait for the next delivery. I've listed their telephone numbers / Line messaging details, at the end of the article.


I take a look, up North at the farm I really want a new bench seat, the old one is broken. They have one that looks ideal, but I really don't want to buy it here. I have no way to transport it and it doesn't fit in my modern furnished home.

We agree a price, 6000 baht, they'll delivery it when they head back home to Nakhon Phanom, next Songkran and I'll transfer the money to their bank then. It doesn't need to be the same one, just as long as its the same model to the same standard.

I can wait.


I asked about a Sala, (a Thai style mini garden Gazeebo). He makes these too, all designs, all sizes, made to order. But they're really more than I want. I want a cheap bamboo beach sala. I plan to put a net over it, some lights and enjoy some outdoor night times in Phuket. Maybe some garden camping in the moonlight. I'll look elsewhere for that.


They can be called on:
096 7481164
083 1884950

Thai speaking, you can contact them Telephone, then via Line. They can send you pictures and prices via Line, and you can order from them. There may be a delivery charge, or if they're passing and have the furniture available they can drop it off.

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