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BIG+BIH Crystal After Shave


The BIG+BIH gift and housewares show I visited had some very interesting companies from neighbouring Cambodia too. This one is Bodia Nature, from Siem Reap in Cambodia, where the famous temple Anchor Wat is. Although their website is in French, the Commercial Manager spoke English. Contact Emma Skudder , Bodia Nature 347 Viheachen Village, Sway Dongkom Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

They have some beautifully packaged bathroom soap, scrubs and even my old friend, the crystal we use for cleaning water, for deodorizing under the armpits and for rubbing on the skin as a sort of solid aftershave to kill bacteria and sooth the skin. You can see they have carved them into blocks and wrapped them neatly in string. Very professional presentation.


They had a full range of products too, this one is a skin scrub sold in bottles scented with Jasmin and Tumeric. They had bath salts, soaps, including Tumeric soap which is a traditional soap used for acne. The standard of presentation was very impressive, I decided to buy this bath set as a gift.


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