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Walk through a Slum

If you've stayed in the posh Centaura hotel in Central World, then you may have seen a slum area below from your window. Well that slum area is also a little community of people, shops and stalls and happens to be a good shortcut to Platinum (pronounced more like pa-too-naam in Thai), a cheap place to buy clothes in Bangkok, and further down the road, Pantip Plaza, a place to buy computers. Here's a walk through from the Centaura side to the Platinum side.

I've also taken a photo from the lobby of Centaura, the lobby is way up on floor 23 above the mall, the car parks and other levels.


I first filmed this two months ago, but since I have a new camera, I decided to film it again. They've cleaned up a lot of the mess since then. At the start you see a metal fence, the sign says they're making a park there. That part use to be the garbage tip for this slum, but it's all been cleaned up now.

The river though, still stinks in hot weather.

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