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Virtual Reality Meets Reality


You will gather I'm finding new ways to explore Phuket island. First I explored inaccessible mini islands by air using a drone, next it was by sea with a toy I'm calling an my new instant mermaid, and now it's in virtual reality.

What if I take one of those VR Headsets, that work using a smartphone, like Google Cardboard, find a VR Street View in Phuket and then compare it to the real thing. How would they compare?


I'm in Central Plaza Mall, Phuket to see a duck cooking competition anyway, so this seems like a good place to try this out. Sure enough street view has several VR views in the mall itself.

The effect is disappointing. The images don't line up, they all seem to be 90 degrees out of alignment. With different color balance making matters more confusing.

Ignoring the error in alignment, the viewer works like a moving picture toy not a real world scene, at no time was I fooled that the view in the glasses was real.

This is early days for VR, I can see there's a long way to go yet with these.

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