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iCondo Udomsuk 103 Bangkok

I've seen this condo built behind my favorite bars, and decided to take a good look. This is right next to the main night life area in Udomsuk, a long street off Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. A one bed here costs 1.79 million, or about $55,000. I see they're filming adverts here (embedded below), as they try to sell the units. So let me give you the low down.

The condo is cheap by Bangkok standards. The nightlife here is very good, the people in this condo walk outside and within a few hundred feet is a whole group of restaurants, bars and music venues. Some terrific food stalls too, so many pubs and clubs I didn't get chance to check them all out.

Central Bangna Mall is surprisingly only 1km away down the side streets, Paradise mall, and Seacon Square, and Mega Bangna a taxi-ride away. The Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport is on this side of Bangkok and easy to get to by Taxi from here. The rooms feel quite large, and the level of fit impressive. Basic furniture is included in the price.


As a condo, you can buy a unit here and own it as a foreigner, so you could buy a holiday condo here and use it as a Bangkok base. Electricity bills can be paid by Internet, and water is paid to the condo management anyway. The place is secure with guards and electronic key entry. I was only there a few weeks, but I left with a good impression of it.

The negatives? Well it's not near the Skytrain, That's why in the video they show him hopping in the shuttle bus, to the sky train. Udomsuk road can get very busy, and the noise from the bars goes into the small hours.

iCondo is a brand from Property Perfect, it's their affordable mid range city condo brand. The condo styling is very good, the quality of finish is reasonable, the size of rooms and light in the rooms is very good. This make a heck of a lot of difference to the quality of life. Living in a dingy condo is never fun, and so big windows and plenty of light are a definite must when buying any condo.

This is the advert they made. You can see the sections at the end with the teddy bear, that was filmed late at night with arc lights to make it look like daytime. The condo you see through the window is a large screen they used as a backdrop, with a picture of the Condo in daytime.

All that effort in the car park was to film a tiny 1 second shot of the pool at 2:56. You see how they zoom in past an orchid? They brought the orchid with them, it's not in the car park!

Quality costs money and while my video took a few minutes, there's took a lot of men, a lot of work over a couple of days. It's interest to see the effort they put in. iCondo did not sponsor or pay for this article in any way.

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