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Train Market or Car Park?


Train market is a really nice night market between two three very large shopping malls. Seacon Square and Paradise Mall in Bangkok. Since writing this, another mall has opened between the two, Ha Ha mall, so now Train Market is really sandwiched between Ha Ha and Seacon Square... better hit the submit button quick before they build another mall!


One of the nice things about Train Market is the interesting vintage stuff they have to draw people in. Tonight they have a good selection of vintage American cars. Old trucks, petrol pumps of days gone by, vintage scooters and pickups. It's all very transport themed with lots of clapped out old bangers. Rust is suprisingly pleasant to see in a world made of plastic and since I'm here shopping for gifts it's like visiting a historic monument to see these jalopies.


It's a strange theme to have a train market full of cars.

To supplement the normal shops bars and restaurants, they have market stalls, hundred and hundreds of them, covering the whole site, I'm sure to find something good here.


From Angry Birds toilet roll holders to lights made from whiskey bottles, I finally settle on personalized cable ties. Little leather clips, each with a personalized named stamped on the back. Ideal for holding headphone cables, or phone charging cables. His Facebook page is here.


Lots of handicrafts, the whisky bottles turned into decorative lights caught my eye. Remember the joy of colored lights, you experience when you were a little girl? So shiny, sparkly?


The Google maps limitations mean I'll give you a separate map, which is easier to do with Mapquest. Mapquest lets you give locations on maps without logging in, the same thing on Google gives a map without any markers!:

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