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The most useful camping tool I bought


I've been going camping quite a lot recently, there's something about cooking eating and sleeping under the stars that's really special.

But it has its problems. When I first went camping I forgot any form of light and stumbled my way around at night.


And when I had my first attempt at a barbecue, getting the fire lit was hard work, flapping a plastic lid to get enough air into it. On my second attempt, I only had a chopping board and ended up with bad blisters from trying to flap a heavy wooden chopping board.

It was time to buy a fan and light.

Luckily I found this at SuperCheap store, for around $10, it was rechargable, had a torch, and a circle of white LEDs and best of all a fan.

You can see how easy it is to light the barbecue now, the lights even act as a stand for it. I consider it an essential part of my camping kit now. Not perfect, I'd prefer if it could be recharged by USB, but nearly perfect.

(see it used in my Camping Underwater Pork Stew recipe video.

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