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Supercheap, risen from the ashes


It's been one month since Super Cheap, Phukets huge old style market burned to the ground, and the new supercheap is already up and running. Well at least the car park has been converted into an open air market, and bustling shoppers are once again buying.

Meanwhile behind metal screens, the old burned down store is being cleaned away. I caught a glimpse of the giant shelves that once housed all manner of food stacked to the roof. Now just twisted metal in the distance.


The goods on sale have been paired down to the basics, food, cleaning goods, essentials, no furniture, no garden tools, no fridges or freezers, no computers. But they do have materials to make Kratongs and busy staff making ready-mad Kratongs.

I'm off to Vareeya tonight, an excellent restaurant and resort I found in the North East of Phuket island. After we eat, they have a river and a lake round the back to float our kratongs.


Supercheap is reborn, and buying the makings of a kratong, from there is the best way to celebrate that.

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