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SpokeDark vs ZeFrank's Back

This is, a Thai web-show filled with satire and comedy. This episode is a show from last year, under the previous military-friendly government. He uses clever satire to say things he otherwise couldn't speak openly.

US comedian ZeFrank is back! In 2006 he did a 1 year show, where he made an episode each day making some really brilliantly inventive media. Well now he has a project on Kickstarter to make a new show, his pitch video is shown above. You can catch ZeFrank Show 1 on his website. I've covered super-star monks before, the monks who appear on television, and in live shows and pass on wisdom wrapped up in comedy. Well if you add duck quacks and flatulence jokes, you've got the ZeFrank Show.

Extra: His new web-show has already begin.

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