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Siray Island Phuket, Decay


I've been visiting Siray Island, a small island right off Phuket town, connected to the main island by a bridge. It's just a short drive away on my scooter, so I thought I'd spend the day here.

Mostly it's been positive, some fun monkeys, a temple with spectacular views, a bay with a pier so long, you can walk to the end and be practically out at sea.

But towards the north end of this island, its a bit more decayed and a whole lot more annoying! See the map below, on Google I spotted a beach at the end of the road.


It looked fantastic, and quiet, a real find just next to a major town! As I drove along the road, it looked more and more promising. The jungle was encroaching into the road, a sure sign cars don't come here. No cars, means no tourists. I got my hopes up high only to have them dashed:


The road ends in a private section, the beach is sealed off, and no guard there to sweet-talk/bribe to unlock the gate. I couldn't go further! You can visit the end using Google Street view, but no longer.
There's a lot of places that have been built in Phuket without permission, and a lot of land has been bought, only for the owner to realize it cannot be built on. I wonder how much of this island are like that. It's such a waste, even rich people can't visit here, let alone a curious Appon.


Further down, a different branch of the road hits a similar problem, this was to be an expensive property too. You can see a road up the hill, a sharp twisty road, that's clearly been taken by the jungle. Uncovered drains cuts across this road, making it very treacherous for a scooter with small tyres, but nevertheless I get to the end of it, and visit the mangrove swamp below (see the picture at the top of this article as proof!).


There's some more abandoned condo frameworks here too. Just along the coat. There's a fantastic seafood restaurant down this end of the island. I've seen it on television, but haven't yet had the money to visit it. Maybe next time. For now, I just visit the abandoned concrete structures that should long ago have been completed or knocked down.

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