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Making Cement Sexy from SCG


Siam Cement Group have always tried to promote themselves in imaginative ways, but how do you make cement sexy? How do you turn a grey powder sold in large brown recycled paper bags into an exciting modern news-worthy thing??

You don't! Instead you hire other more inventive people to do it for you!


This is 10 cal tower, a recent architecture project from SuperMachine, the Bangkok design studio of Pitupong Chaowakul. An Escher like series of ramps and stairs to explore, naturally its all SCG concrete. It's next to Bang saen beach in Chonburi and I'll see it next time I'm there.


It's pure art, it has no other purpose to promote the SCG brand name. More examples of Supermachines work can be found at their blog, including construction of this Labyrinth.


Then there's another SCG sponsored pavilion, this one offers slatted shade, again next to the beach in Bang Saen. The designers for that are The Department of Architecture, an official sounding name for a private design studio.

SCG's latest sponsored project is to 3D print a Thai flower using the University of Berkeleys powder cement printing technology. (Shown at the top of the page), a complex shape that's not practical to build without 3D printing.

They even have an SCG 'Experience Center' for you to experience the full pleasure of concrete! To make it more interesting, they do 3D projections onto the walls.

What next for SCG? Well perhaps some sort of floating structure made of concrete in the sea off Bang Saen? Perhaps they can even make it float in the sky? A vacuum filled concrete balloon floating in the sky under its own buoyancy! Now that would be something to see!

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