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Sea Scooter Woes


This is a sea-scooter. I tried these in the UK while on holiday. They were terrible, slow, barely able to pull you along, but I quickly learned that those are the entry level model. That Sea Scooters exist that are much more powerful, it was only health and safety reasons that prevented the bigger ones being used at that water park.

So I decided to go find myself one, so I could enjoy Phuket in a new dimension! A wetter faster dimension!


I'd recently bought a drone, a Phantom 3 Advanced, light enough not to need registering, but good enough to make HD videos. It's been amazing, far more amazing than I could ever imagine! I guess the success of that meant I wanted to explore all the toys that can be bought.

I found this one on for around $300 including battery. It took forever to ship, the company didn't really ship it within the 5 day time limit, they put in a fake shipping number, marked it as shipped, then when they actually shipped it, a couple of weeks later, they put in the real number. That was not a good start, and things got worse from there.


At customs it was held for duty assessment, in all, with UPS charges and duty, it came to an extra $166! The branded SeaDoo item of better quality, is available in Phuket from, but you'll pay substantially more. I just wanted a toy to play with. I don't intend to do serious diving with this, but still the bill was adding up!


On arrival there were problems, the plastic skirt was already broken, I could fix that with a cable tie.

One of the rubber sealing rings was missing. The manual showed 2 rings, there was one.

When I tried it in the water at Freedom Beach last week it leaked. It would run, cut out, run, cut out. I found if I turned it upside down it would run continuously, obviously water was inside, so I had to stop.

The battery charger never indicated the battery was full too. The second charge and it failed completely! I bought another. Problems problems and I still haven't played with it successfully yet!

So the next time, lots and lots of Vaseline on the seal, a patched up sea scooter would be tested at Layan beach. Brilliant! It works, it works well. After a lot of use, it started to slow and cut out, I guess the battery is running flat, but I've enjoyed it. I went a little far out to sea and limped back to the beach slowly. I'll have to be careful, its easy to go too deep or too far with this.

But my toy works!

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