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Sala for 5000 baht??


A sala in Thai, is an open room in a garden to sit and enjoy the open air. It's common to have one in your garden as a place to sit with shade.

You can buy long lasting Sala's made of dark hard woods, and they cost upwards of 30,000 baht. The one from this article, made of teak, cost 70,000! That's a lot of money to pay for a plaything.


Can I get a cheaper option? Something a bit more rough? I don't mind if it won't be a hand-me-down from generation to generation. It's play furniture to enjoy the garden with the baby. I'd like to camp out in night and be free from mosquitoes too, so something I can clip a mosquito net to, and perhaps some fancy lighting?

I noticed driving past the airport in Phuket, a shop that makes and sell the bamboo salas. You see these everywhere, they're basic and rough, but they work. Better still, they have the flat surface, I can place a Thai sleeping mat on. Perhaps one of those traditional triangular back rest cushions too.

But this is huge, he tells me it's 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters, and I'll never fit it in the garden. Can he make me a smaller one? No problem. He'll do me a 2 meter by 2 meter one if it's too big. So it comes down to price, how much is this one? The large one? ...... only 7000 baht! He offers the smaller 2x2 for only 6000.

Only 7000 baht.

Sure it's a simple one with a flat base, and others are more expensive and have more things to them, but that is very very cheap. I get his number (below) and tell him I'll order one when I get to the garden and can measure it. The overhang is 60 cms all round, and it seems I can only fit a 140cm x 200 cm one in my garden. It will have to do, that's large enough to put a sleeping mat on it and will still fit in the garden.


I order it on Friday night, and we agree on a 5000 baht price, and it arrives on Monday afternoon. Fast fast service, They squeeze it past the wall without having to take it apart first, and we're done.

I find a circular mosquito net from the giant Super Cheap store (130 baht?). In the furniture section, they have a wide selection of round and square mosquito nets for covering beds.

Next the lighting. I got those from Thai Watsadu, the vintage light bulbs including retro fittings. This was a mistake, I meant to buy the LED ones, I thought I had bought the LED ones.... who in this day and age makes real vintage lights, that glow hot, waste electricity, and last only 1200 hours? when you can buy the orange LED ones that look the same, use a fraction of the electricity, and last 20 times longer?! Apparently someone does, and they have my money now! I'll replace them as they fail, with LED bulbs.


I attach hooks to the sale, so I can hang and remove them in the rain. They're not outdoor lights, and shouldn't be left out in the rain, the sala will shield them from direct rain, but that's not a solution.

Samrit Bamboo is on the main Phuket hightway, just north of the airport turnoff. Find them on the map below, or call 081-0835132, 089-8712621, or 081-7880863

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