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Romantic Robots in Seacon Square


It isn't often you get to see the mating rituals of robots. But over the next few days (till Saturday 21st January 2017), Seacon Square shopping mall in Bangkok, is showing natures glorious ritual in its central square with a robot speed dating night, called "Wars of Steel 2".

They've built a steel cage dancefloor with seating stands and anyone can sit and watch the romantic action. The video (below the break), shows you just how sweet this is, with the correct music. I chose "Besame Mucho by Cesaria Evora" to set the mood.


It's supposed to be a war of robots, but I'm visiting on the first day with the junior level teams, and it's more a romantic dance. The robots don't fight, they gently caress each other. Occasionally smooch. Exchange loving glances. Most of them are shy, sitting quietly in the corner, paralized with fear.

See what I mean?

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