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Prison Product, Furniture, Phuket


If you end up in prison in Thailand, one of the things you can do is to learn a trade. Wood working is one of them, and the end result of a lot of this wood work is furniture.
That furniture gets sold at events like these, Prison Product shows. But this is Thailand, we don't just have a show with a lot of furniture to look at, we have dancing and beer and food, and food and food and some more food.


I fancy this garden seat, but my house is near water. The mosquitoes would eat me alive. "What about termites" I ask? "They don't eat this wood", he replies. Suddenly the dietary needs of termites are topmost in my mind.


Rain washes out the show for the evening, but the rain does serve to remind me I need an umbrella stand and these pots work perfectly. $3.

Catch 'Prison Products' at Saphan Hin, south of Phuket town for the next few days.

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