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Phuket Triangle

(Image courtesy of Thai Rath).

Last Sunday (28th October), I was visiting Tonsai Waterfall and exploring the jungle behind it. The waterfall snakes up a hill that's covered with dense jungle, and I have to admit I took a wrong turn while following the path, but managed to find my way back.

By an amazing coincidence, the British man and woman above, were also in the jungle at the same time and were lost. By 5pm they couldn't find their way back and the taxi driver who waiting for them raised the alarm. It gets dark at 6pm and the rescue services couldn't find them and had to call off the search at 3am.

They weren't found until the next day, with the help of a helicopter and police search teams. You can read the full story in Thai on Thai Rath

So, if you're going to explore the jungle, take a phone with you, and if you have a smart phone, learn how to use the GPS on it, and make sure you phone is charged up. Otherwise you might spend the night in a dark jungle like they did.

It's easy to be flippant about jungles, you are, after all, no more than 2km from a main road, but once you get in there, you can be next to the road and completely unable to see it, hear it, or get to it because of the undergrowth.

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