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Phuket Boat Show, Not just for the Rich


Phuket Royal Marina is running the Pimax boat show right now. I've done my share of boat spotting before, but only saw the outsides. The great thing about a boat show, is you can get into the boats, clamber around and see how the rich live.

More than that, you can bring false hope to salesmen who think you're prepared to spend $5 million on their latest floating motorhome. Well at least I started out with that intention, but I was surprised to see a few boats in my price range, and even one of the large yachts could be hired for a week for the similar cost of an American holiday!

Suddenly the boating life doesn't seem so out of reach.


Sadly this one isn't among the affordable ones. At 2.3 million pounds sterling, it's a silly money, rich mans toy. You can see the that none of the home comforts are missed when you sail in these monster yachts, but you pay through the nose for those comforts.


Just take a look at the fridge, it's larger than the one in my house! Hardly a galley, more a fully fitted kitchen for a professional chef!


Or perhaps the master cabin will convince you. Did I say master? Actually this is the smaller of the two cabins on this boat, the master cabin has a huge flat screen TV in it and is bigger than most Bangkok condominiums.

But the one that caught my eye was a charter boat, The Capricorn. It carriers a crew of 5, with up to 11 guests and can be hired for around 20-25,000 Euros a week. Or even 3500 euros a day.


That sounds a lot until you realize that a holiday to the USA works out at about $3000/person once you include the trips and hotels and flights. So 11 people sharing the Capricorn for a week would spend a similar amount. They could explore the many islands along the Andaman coast, get their fill of once-in-a-lifetime boating luxury, all for the price of the typical Disney Florida holiday.


And luxury it is too, this is a huge sail boat, with beautiful wood paneling inside, and with the professional crew to sail her. But even if you can't get 11 people together to charter her, I found a 4 night cruise around Phangna bay for 25,000 baht per person from the same company. That's less than the cost of the flight. Not cheap, but really not that expensive.

Pimex Boat Show Phuket, is open till 6pm tomorrow evening (Sunday 24th 2013) and is an annual event. It's free to enter and worth the visit. The draw is obviously the big yachts, but smaller boats are also on show inside the entrance hall.

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