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Phuket Bike Week


Phuket Bike Week is on, I've been busy with Songkran, and Krabi and green tea pies and missed most of it. Today though, today will be different, I'll take my own bike over to Patong and enjoy the sensible quality bikes on show!

I'm not really a bike person, but I'm sure I can review a bike show. So first up, speakers, the most important thing in the bike, I can confirm the speakers on the bike above still work! Despite someone accidentally painting over the speaker grill.


But what good are speakers, if safety isn't paramount?! Headlights are obviously ultra important, because this bike had so many of them! It reminds me of the drones in the excellent movie Oblivion. If they're good enough for automated science fiction killer drones, they're obviously good enough for motorbikes!

Why do people buy bikes? For me it was parking and cost, a small bike can be parked anywhere and they cost only 40,000 Baht, and barely 1 baht per km to run. For other people, low bridges are obviously the most important thing. They must spent a lot of time going under low bridges, because their seats are leaned back in the most uncomfortable fashion!


No matter, Phuket Bike Week has some very very low bikes, perfect for limbo bridges! But what about shopping you ask? Isn't shopping for clothes the most important thing in a bike show? Why yes! I found plenty of clothes shops, mostly Oldy-Western themed! This hat was way too expensive, I found a cheaper one in town.


Oh and there were some bikes there too, if that's what you look for in a bike week.


Phuket Bike Week is in it's 13th year, it's centered around Patong during Songkran time, this year Sunday 14th April to Sunday 21st April 2013. Tomorrow is the last day to catch it this year.

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