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Papa Market (Train Market)


Not long ago at Srinkharin Road number 53 in Bangkok, there was a successful all-you-can-eat Korean buffet. It was delicious food sold very cheap!

Since then, a new mall opened up next door, HaHa mall, and the buffet has gone to be replaced by a mini-clone of the next door Train Market: Papa market!


Papa market is styled like Train Market, only its about 1/20th of the size, perhaps smaller. So perhaps people could go to the massive Train Market next door, but instead will go to something 5% of the size??

It doesn't seem like a winning formula, but there is one redeeming feature: parking! Train market has terrible parking, the access road is always blocked and busy and there's never any parking, and its not free. Next door, he has this plot of land that is perfect for a car park.


In front of his market is a large car park, and so visitors who park, go through his market first. It seems a bit of a silly idea, but perhaps it will work.

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