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My First Geocache


If you've been reading my travel blog, I'm covering Geocaching in Phuket, the game of hiding and seeking caches using a GPS device.

I've done the finding, now I'm going to do the hiding!


So my cache will be a small water proof container, containing a few of the common cache basics: a log book for people to record their visits, a pencil to write with, a pencil sharpener because when have you ever found a sharp pencil?!

In addition, I'm putting a piece of the stick, from the consecration ceremony of Wat Padungthamapotivad. This should bring the finder good luck.

I took a trackable coin from one of the caches I found, in Phuket Town Park. These coins need to be placed in another cache, and so it's in my cache too.

Finally some ear-rings. People like to take little cheap trinkets and place one of their own inside, earrings are perfect for that.



My cache is waiting to be reviewed, so it's not available yet. It will be at the top of Monkey Hill, search on the website for cache GC4B8YP to see when its ready.

This was not my first choice of location, I wanted to place it on Layan island, a short swim from Phuket. But when I arrived, the tide was high, the weather was stormy and I was afraid people would drown trying to get there.... has a rule, about not trying to kill geocachers, pesky rules would stop me placing it there.

The cache got destroyed by monkeys. That hill is always going to be a problem, I thought I'd put it high enough, near to the dogs stationed at the top to keep it safe, but it seems not high enough.

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