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My first baby, my first stethoscope


I've been shopping. This is my first baby and I'm determined to get as much as I can out of her! It's nice to feel her kicking, or what feels like her running her hands down the inside of my stomach, but that's not enough! I WANT MORE!

I did some research, and you can get doplar fetal monitors to hear the babies heart beat, you can get iPhone apps that probably don't really work, and you can get get the good old stethoscope.

The doplar ones work best, but they use ultrasound. When I go for a scan I can feel the baby move around as if she doesn't like it. So I don't really want to use that.


The stethoscope isn't really designed for this, but it sort of works. You can hear mostly your own stomach gurgling, and sloshing around, and your own pulse, but every now and again you'll hear a faster heart beat.

The stethoscope cost me around 600 baht on

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