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Mosquito Massacre


I'm not fan of mosquitoes! In my garden I keep little fish in pots. The fish are never fed, they eat the mosquito larvae and keep the number of mosquitoes down.

But that's still not enough! Lucky for me I spotted this video:

I have an unused fan, I can buy mosquito screening easily, so I just have to try this technique.

To attached the mesh, I simply cut it to size and trap it under the seam that joins the two halves of the fan, and trimmed the excess.

I want the pesky bugs on the outside of the mesh to make it easier to clean, so the mesh goes on the back half. It will be this back half I point at the garden.


So does it work? Well I ran it all afternoon, and caught nothing, not one. The problem was clear, the intake of the fan is large and it doesn't suck air from just one direction, it draws it in from all around. A moth landed on the back of the fan and walked away easily.

But before I give up and spend a lot of money on a garden blower, I give it one last try, this time at dusk, when the mosquitoes come out!


After only a few hours, it works! I counted over 40 mosquitoes on the back of the net. I did exactly as the video showed, sprayed them with 50-50 alcohol and water and sure enough they didn't fly away.

If this fan can do that in a couple of hours, I am tempted to buy an outdoor canister fan and try again. Next to tackle the flies!

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