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Monument Festival, Sisunthorn Phuket


It's festival time in Phuket, and the annual Monument festival is here. This year it's bigger, featuring two stages instead of the usual one.

It's happening now, 15th to the 26th March 2014, with the big act on the 26th. I say big, this year it's a name I don't know, but the final day is usually the best day to visit.

The acts start around 8pm, but the later acts 10pm onwards are usually the main show. The second stage was playing traditional Thai music, the warbling singing of old Thailand. I assume it will be doing that all through the festival.


What else is there to do? Well as you'd expect there is a carnival, full of the traditional carnival stalls, bouncy castles and Ferris wheels for the kids to play on. That's a given with these festivals. If you bring children, you can find something for them to play on.


There was an awful lot of insects and larvae here, fresh too, I particularly enjoyed the dry fried ants. At 10 baht a small packet, they're a cheap meal, but once you get use to the taste, they become a sort of delicacy that you seek out.


For a more familiar feast, charcoal grilled quails, 3 for 100 baht. There's not much meat on them, you have to use your teeth to get every last piece off them, but they're very tasty. Where else can you sample quails as an everyday food?


A good for the soul thing, on the corner, next to the monument, you'll find a stall selling t-shirts and for a donation, an offering for the sisters of the monument. These are brave sisters who fought to keep Thailand free and deserve every respect.

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