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Microbugs ate my *other* Ikea chair


In Bangkok, my office chair from Ikea crumbled inside. The seat cushion and back flaked away as though they were made of crumbs. When I came back to Phuket, the exact same model of Ikea chair had failed in exactly the same way! Hundreds of miles apart, yet the same problem.

They were bought at different times, and lived in different places, the only obvious thing connecting them is the rainy season. It's very humid here in Thailand at this time of year.


The Phuket chair has far more obvious fungus like appearance on the outside. Suggesting rot rather than mites.

I think Ikea does not make furniture that can survive the wet season in Thailand. My other HomePro office chair, is older, has no damage and no problems. But then Homepro have been in Thailand a long time, and Ikea only just arrived.

Lesson learned: don't be the first to buy anything! Even Ikea furniture is new if its in a new market.

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