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Lightning Storm


Currently Thailand faces serious flooding. Most provinces have had some flooding and with the recent downpours, even Bangkok outskirts towns like Pathum Thani are flooded. Homes are lost, families are in government shelters having lost everything. A father of 4 children recently hanged himself after losing his house and everything he had.

Every night seems to bring new storms, see the picture above? It's the dark of night, I haven't altered the brightness of that photo, it's a frame taken straight from a video of a lightning flash I recorded, below is the lightning bolt shortly after the flash. It's the middle of a long storm, thunder and lightning and rain and rain and more rain came down, and this is a typical night in this unusual rainy season.


Everyone is doing their part, the whole of Thailand is pulling together, I've made my donation, and if you'd like to help, I recommending Channel 3 as the best way to ensure your donation arrives to the people who need help quickest.

The map on the Governments response pages shows red area are the areas suffering most right now.

Account: 014-3004-448,
"Channel 3, For Flood Victims 54"
Channel 3,
3199 Maleenon.
Rama 4 Road,
Klong Toey.
Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok Bank
Swift code: BKKBTHBK
333 Silom Road,
Bangkok 10500

The page (sadly only in Thai) for Channel 3 help page is here.

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