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Lighting Thailand


These mass produced novelties, made with fairy-lights inside, are everywhere, and very popular. I have them to add some color to a dull room. They're novel, but they're not really lights, I wouldn't use them for lighting a room.


Then this style, hand made from tiny glass fragments, exquisite, very very expensive and not very bright. or practical for that matter. There are chandeliers too, crystals and incandescent lights, but people are using energy saving bulbs now, not incandescent and chandeliers look so old fashioned. All flash and showing off and not so much about lighting a room.


More decorations, again they are sold everywhere but basic lights are nowhere to be found in Thailand. The reason is that Thais use the center ceiling florescent lights. They're cheap, bright and put in by the builders when the house is made. Trying to find a good up-lighter in Thailand is like trying to find a Yeti! I have never seen, ever, a floor level LED down-light, not in any shopping mall in any market, not in any city in Thailand. Or rather I have seen them, but not for sale. While the shopping malls have professional lighting, it's the consumer that doesn't. This company designs lighting for shopping malls, hotels, rich peoples houses:


But Thailand is modernizing fast, and if companies like Lighting and Equipment can get hold of these lights, then it's only a matter of time before they filter down to consumers.

It's the same story as paint, when I was a child all rooms were white or cream and nothing else. Now major companies like Dulux came in and promoted paints, and there's as wide a selection of paints as there are in any modern country, if it happens with paint it will happen with lighting too.

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