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LED's Everywhere


After the success with my garden lighting, I got a little carried away with LEDs. At Keehin, the store I bought my garden lights from, I found rolls of LED's in rolls up to 30m that you can plug into the mains.


They have one minor draw back, they can only be cut at 1m intervals and since they're high voltage, they need to be wired by a technician. The first room to get the LED treatment was the office, I ran warm-white LEDs along the back of the desk. I wired these myself, they simply plug into a wall socket and even I can plug in an extension cord!


The wardrobe was far more difficult, and it was clear my tech hadn't done one before. I used bright white here to illuminate my clothes. I wanted the lights to come on when I open the door, and Keehin had the exact switch for that.

This didn't go so well, my tech put the switch in the middle of the wardrobe, but the switch stopped the door closing shut properly, the lights remained on. As you can see from the picture, the correct place for the switch is near the hinge.


Next up to get the LED treatment, the living room! Warm white light behind the television. This is where I hit a hurdle, the Keehin LEDs can only be cut into 1m lengths and the shelves are only 30cm wide.


My tech had to switch to low power 12v LED strips, with lots of shops selling nothing but LEDs here in Phuket, it was very easy to find the color and type I wanted. A small transformer under a shelf powers all the lights.

The gap behind the shelves is for passing cables, but it works perfectly for hiding diffuse LED lights. I might tweak these a little, they seem to bright, so I might turn them down a little.


The final room to get the LED treatment, is the kitchen. Two strips of bright white light under the cupboards to give task lighting.

Here in Thailand, with workers cheap and flexible, and a large selection of LEDs available everywhere, its easy to get your home lit exactly the way you want.

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