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Ko Mak Noi, Fresh Crab


I've been visiting Thanbok Koranee National park again, and dropping by Lam Sak on the way back. I had planned to buy some fresh fish off the fishermen at Lam Sak Pier, but whenever I arrive, all the bulk buyers have bought everything for wholesale in Phuket! So instead I ask around and find out I can visit a fisherman's island, known for its crab.


It's a cheap trip too, 50 baht a head there and back. The only restriction is that we have to wait for the delivery men to arrive. This is a working boat, it delivers supplies onto the island, for us, it's a salesman for biscuits, who is taking orders from the school and shops on the island, and ice and gasoline delivery.

The ice starts to melt fast, there is no waiting around, once the boat is loaded we set off straight to the island.

There's not a lot on Ko Mak Noi, it's a flat island with views over the bay, and used mostly by fisherman these days. It's not developed and it's not touristy, you visit and return and that's it.

I was there for the crab, they keep crab in sea nets, and fetch them as you order to keep the absolutely fresh, a few hundred baht and I have my meal for the evening.

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