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Imported Whiskey


I've been shopping and I spotted this bottle of Imported 'Grand Royal Reserve Whiskey'. It certainly looks the part in a golden box, an embossed bottle, a paper label to seal the screw cap.
It's won lots of awards too, the label boasts of many world class awards that this whiskey has won.


MONDE selection, San Fransisco World Spirits awards, VIP Platinum. This is really a world class spirit! But where is it from? There's no Thai writing on it, no Asian scripts, no Simplified Chinese. Surely this is a European product? Perhaps even Scotch?

Gold Medal, specially blended by master blender William H Arthur! Brewed in Oak casks for a distinctive blend of elegantly rounded flavours and warm lingering finish.

I'm sold, I'll buy this for my friends they're sure to be impressed. So where is this whiskey made? It certainly is imported, but you have to look closely at the label to see from where. The label is in English, so its from an English speaking country obviously!


No, Product of Myanmar! I've been shopping at the Three Pagodas pass, and since whiskey and beer are one of the main things they sell here, my friends will receive spirits as their gift.

The seller tells me its the most popular brand in Myanmar, and tastes similar to Regency, a Thai Brandy. I guess we'll see.

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