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Home Made Acne Cream


I have acne, bad bad acne. I've tried all the usual remedies, Benzoyl Peroxide, all manner of antibiotics, anti-bacterial skin creams, you name it I've tried it. The most effective was the antibiotics, but usually one immune bacteria would take advantage of the lack of competition and I'd end up covered in some new type of spot.

I've found this magic green herb cream made by a woman in Udonthani. It was absolutely amazing, one week and my spots were gone, my pores were tighter, my skin smoother. Only trouble is the price of the cream is far too expensive for a tiny little pot, and I wonder what she puts in it and why I can't find a similar commercial cream here in Bangkok.


Now that I've run out of the herb cream, you can see from the photo, my spots are starting to reappear, so I'm going to try making my own acne lotion. I don't know if the green herb actually does anything, so I'm going to try only known ingredients.

So, 5% Tea Tree Oil, a known antibacterial agent. Since my problem is significantly worse with sunlight, I'm going to add Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant, the oils and vitamin E are oil based and I'm using Lecithin to bind that to water, after a little research on the internet.

So the ratios are, 10ml Tea Tree Oil, 200ml sterilized water, 20 capsules of Vitamin E, 1 Capsule of Lecithin. I'm guessing at the Vitamin E level. I've read you can use it neat on your skin to reduce inflammation, so I don't think I can use too much.

Cut open all the capsules, and empty everything into a bottle, shake to mix, this gives a white liquid lotion. I'll use this on my face over the next few weeks and see if it works.

If it doesn't, I'm going to end up ordering more of those little pots of green cream.


Well after a couple of weeks of using the tea tree oil, my skin is better, but nowhere near as smooth or clear as with the green herb cream.


So I've ordered more of this cream, I wish I knew what was in it! That's 200 bahts worth, a tiny pot of cream that doesn't last long:


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