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Harbin Ice Wonderland


It's damn hot in March and April, and a small stand selling tickets to an Ice Wonderland caught my eye. So off I go to see 'Harbin Ice Wonderland'.

Harbin is the site of the Chinese ice festival, where they cover the town with ice sculptures, and this is just a little mini-taster near Bearing BTS Station, in Bangkok in a large temporary enclosure.


It's a bit expensive at 350 baht, more for foreigners, and the constant nickle and diming doesn't help. 80 baht rental for a jacket, no gloves provided but they'll sell you a pair for 60 baht, 20 baht to slide down the big scary slide. Is this made of ice or made of gold???


Ah well, I guess they're trying to keep it at -15 degrees Celsius in 30 degree heat, I know my air-conditioning bill is expensive, just to drop the temperature 4 degrees, there's must be astronomical to drop it 40!


There are some scary things here, including the fast slide, but possibly the scariest is the simple stairs over a ramp. It's made from ice blocks, and I expected the slabs to crack in the middle and drop me to the ground. It felt as though it moved when you walk on it, but by luck, or by design, I suspect luck, it works!


It's a nice reminder of what cold really is, your face freeze, your hands are numb and its soon time to leave. Even with jacket and gloves the place is c-c-c-cold-ld! Perhaps March and April are not too hot after all. I mean it could be worse, it could be -15 degrees!

Harbin Ice Wonderland, is currently available just next to Bearing train station.

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