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Ghost Vendor

In Thailand ghost stories are very popular and very common. Farmers and truckers will see ghosts in the dark unlit farms and roads all the time. But I was in Chinatown, right in the center of Bangkok, and in broad daylight and saw an incredible sight:

The disembodied voice of a ghost vendor trying to sell me radish jewels! OMG! There's nobody there! A pee-lock (ghost)! And she guarantees the taste of her delicious radish jewels!

Some say, she died in torment because nobody bought her radish and chestnut desserts, others say she was too bone lazy to sit at her stand all day long. I guess we'll never know the truth.

See, or rather don't see, the ghostly radish vendor at the green arrow on the map below. Be sure to hear her wails of 'hom hom'.

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