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Escape from a Hangover


There's a few movies around right now featuring Phuket and Thailand. In Hangover II, a group of friends have a bachelor party only to wake up in Bangkok, missing a friend, well most of him, he left his finger behind.


Escape, is a movie about a couple of volunteer doctors, helping out Phuket with their doctoring ways. Hoping to rediscover God, only for one of them to be kidnapped, and hidden on an island for ransome.

Well silly plot lines aside, they do contain some familiar places. This one for example, from Escape, is Phromthep cape. That island behind them is the one I visited from Ya Nui beach.


I'm scratching my head as to how they can kidnap a person off the streets of Phuket and somehow smuggle him off to an island, that only the kidnappers know about, where satellite phones are the only means of communications. When I did a tour of the islands, I had 3G coverage all the way.


Also in the final scene of the Hangover 2, they hop in a speedboat in Bangkok, in the Gulf of Thailand, and speed down to Phuket for the wedding, which is over on the west in the Andaman sea. Maybe it's better not to make a plan to catch a boat from Bangkok to Phuket if you come to visit. The trip down to Singapore past Malaysia may be a bit tedious. I'd recommend the bus service or the regular flights to Phuket, not a boat.

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