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English Taught To Thai Children

From an 'English for Thai students' TV program. Ductile? Duteous? Dutiful? Pliant? Tractable? I really don't think a lot of these words are used. Does anyone say 'duteous'?*. I tried reading Sherlock Holmes, 'A Study in Scarlet' in English and it was unreadable. My English wasn't good enough (this blog is proof edited by British friends). The words were old, unfamiliar and many words have fallen out of common use.

The phrases, when taken literally had one meaning yet my English friends say mean other things. A dictionary couldn't help, Google Translate was hopeless, it gives you the literal meaning not the meaning of the phrase taken as a whole.

Lucky they have this book in Thai, and it's an excellent read.


* Sorry comments are turned off on my blog, I get spammed when I turn them on. It bad enough to have to delete thousands of spam comments a day, but it can get so bad, it brings the web site down.

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