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Cable Noodles

Bangkok wasn't designed, it evolved and the easiest place to see this is in the cabling. With the city predating the Internet and telephone, of course there is plenty of new telephone spaghetti running the length of the main streets, but many parts have had electricity added too. If you wander a few of the streets in central Bangkok, you can see high voltage electricity cables running within arms length of buildings.


With the cables in place intended for a two dimensional street layout, people below, cables above, along came the Skytrain, adding a third dimension: up and down. Now you can look down on the cables, and the walkways weave around them. Just reach out and photograph right in-among the group of cables.


Western attitudes to health and safety are creeping in too. Here's a photo from just outside a Tesco Lotus (On Nut where I use to live), metal gratings and bad English warn you about the dangers of a creature known and the 'vol-tag'. Of all the 'tags', the 'volt-tag' is the most dangerous, beware!


Then there's the loops, a reserve of cabling to be unrolled when needed. They've clearly learned from history and now the expectation is that everything will grow. The cables have 'telecoms' markings on them, but what if wireless Internet takes off and not wired Internet?


Then there's the quality of electrics, with such a complicated system with many illegal taps and bad connections, take a look at the metal earthed case of my Microwave oven. It's not live, but it's still 40 volts away from earth!


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