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Bug Control, The Natural Way


The new house is next to a jungle, occasionally a monkey will visit the house, or the whooping sound of a gibbon is heard nearby, but mostly the visitors are bugs. Common house flies, mosquitoes, and the geckos and spiders that come along to eat them, and the cockroaches that eat the waste and dead remains of geckos and spiders.

I've decided to tackle this in a nature friendly way, and luckily there's a plant fair on a Saphan Hin in Phuket, and I can buy all those specialist plants I need.

First up a few Venus Fly Traps around the house. The saleswoman says they need full daylight and have to live outdoors, so I'll dot a few around the house.


But I need a few carnivorous orchids too, to hang off the trees. It's quite amazing to see the reduction in flies as I scatter a few of these bug eating plants around the house, but they don't do anything for the mosquito count. For that we need an old friend, the mosquito trap:


My trap is a large jar of water, with some water plants in it. Mosquitoes need water to breed, they lay eggs in still fresh water, the larvae hatch from the surface to create the next generation of annoying biters.

So a sheltered, still-water trap is a perfect place for them to lay their eggs. Once the plants are established, I add small river fish, and the trap is complete. The fish eat the mosquito larvae, their droppings give nutrients to the plants, and the plants keep the water oxygenated.


Some bugs I've decided to leave alone. This swarm of small flies don't come into the house deliberately, and don't bite or sting. They're a type of bee and they've made a nest in a drain-pipe. It's not ideal to have a swarm of flies there, but it doesn't do me any harm.

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