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Bitec Thai Food Fair, January 2012


Bitec, the large exhibition center in Bangkok, has a food and hospitality trade fair running, and naturally I have to attend. The trade fair is called 'TRAFS' which stands for Thai Retail, Food and Hospitality Services. So it's for hotel chefs who want to set up a shop, or its for shops that wish they were bars, or for, well as trade shows go this ones a little confused. So I'll focus on the food part and skip the rest.

Lets start with Tipco (click for website), shown in the photograph above. Tipco are a major Thai fruit juice maker, you can buy their products from all major Thai supermarkets. I selected 3 of their juices that typify Thailand. From left to right: Pomegranate Juice, Guava Juice, and Mangosteen, if you're in Thailand drink the juice that the locals drink! Orange juice is expensive here and unpleasantly sweet too.


My favorite thing at the show, a spaghetti ice-cream machine called a Gelapress. You put ice cream in, press a button and spaghetti shaped ice-cream pasta is squeezed out of the nozzle. There's even a selection of plates for different effects, flat pasta, even ice-cream lasagne!

The company is Gelapress (Website), from Chonburi.


I know I said I wasn't going to look at the equipment, but the size of the catering equipment, I could practically fit in this pan. I wonder how they can even lift it when it's full of soup.


There's a famous whiskey brand in Thailand, known as Mehkhong and the company is launching a new white spirit, known as Bangyikhan. This is a strong rice spirit, like a vodka but more harsh. In Thailand beer is expensive and whiskey with mixers is the preferred drink of the locals. I know, if I can find some mixers, and some snacks at this trade show, I have a mini party going.


Found my mixers, the company is called 'Mixology Thailand', Tel 089-970-4140 / 076-777-2181 and makes a range of cocktail mixers, my favorite was the apple. Now to find some snacks. Thankfully over on the Aroy-D stand, they're promoting chilli-paste on crackers. Perfect, the chilli-paste is mild and warm, the crackers are crunchy and salty. To top it off they have some cold coconut milk deserts to follow.


Aroy-D make coconut milk, and a range of Thai fish and canned fruit for export. They're a big brand, you've probably seen their products in shops across the world. Aroy-D website. Take a look at their roasted coconut drink in a can.

This chilli paste is interesting, no where near are spicy as most Thai pastes, it's surprisingly good spooned onto biscuits like this, or perhaps that the alcohol talking. Now where can I find some party music here in Bitec.

I thought this exhibition has a vague theme, and it would be difficult to imagine who would come to it, perhaps if they rename it 'Bitec Party', everyone will be clear on the theme.

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