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BIG+BIH Wall Coverings


The BIH stands for 'Bangkok International Houseware', and a large part of the show was dedicated to furniture, wall decorations and house hold equipment. I wanted to group these 3 companies together since they all make ways to make boring plain walls interesting.

First up, Korakot Aromdee, an artist/designer makes these swirling wooden relief panels that add texture to a wall. website He does sculptures in the same technique:

(Picture copyright Korakot Aromdee, click the picture to visit his portfolio page). Beautiful isn't it? Sadly well beyond anything I could afford.


If you prefer dense colour and soft silk on your walls, then how about these. They're panels panel from silk, that attach to the wall (with glue or self adhesive tape) and interlock to form swirling shapes. The company is called BonSiam, contact, website


More from Krakot, this is a swirling pattern in brown, another example of what he can do. However my budget is limited and I just want to add a splash panel of colour to my walls.


I bought 5 of these panels for 1000 baht, they are little square pictures showing food scenes, you could assembly a larger panel from them, I'm sure she'd give you a discount for larger orders. She has dogs, cats, food, very colourful pictures of rural life, all small tile pictures. La Moon Gallery, website


And finally another silk panel creation from BonSiam, called Jigsaw.

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